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History and Traction

Lawfarm, through its tech platform , primarily provides legal advice, lawyer consultations and legal management services for businesses and individuals, along with automated services such as online Will generator. Traditionally the platform has received its traffic from organic search (free listings in search engines) and direct traffic. This has come from the content that has been developed on the platform. The business has thus far entered into two markets (India and Vietnam). The sites combined are getting around 75k+ users a month.

Indian lawyers
Vietnam Lawyers
Having more than 25000 lawyers on our platform helps in our blockchain contract maker
We plan to engage our existing user base to help develop the platform and have the users support the blockchain legal contract developer environment.
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Traditional Legal Contracts Vs BlockChain Contracts

  • No Time stamps
  • Signatures offline or 3rd parties systems
  • Storage in offline or central database
  • No record of changes
  • Timestamps on all interactions
  • Signed with a private key
  • Storage on blockchain
  • Recorded on blockchain
The Blockchain technology is superior to traditional contracts because it is immutable and verifiable in who interacts with the document along with the history.
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Token Issuance Details

Lawfarm is issuing 150,000,000 LAWFARM tokens on Tron in order to raise funding for
developing the legal open source.


The Lawfarm team has a number of seasoned entrepreneurs, qualified lawyers and blockchain experts in the team to help build the contracting platform.

John Fearon
Founder Sugar Ventures
Founder (ASX:DSE)
Eugene Lim
Cryptocurrency Investor
Global Lead Digital Vegas Sands Group

Advisory Board

Sipun Pradhan
IOTA Ambassador
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain lecturer at NTU (Taiwan)
Prof Nagu Thogiti
ICO Lecturer MIT
ICO Advisor


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